Alterations and tailoring in Chandler AZ


For all the Phoenix area, we alter a wide range of clothing from bridal or wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, evening wear, tuxedos, and suits to your ordinary, everyday jeans and T-shirt or designer jeans. Our Master Tailor is on-site at our Chandler store during all business hours to provide clients with knowledgeable, professional service and a keen eye for fashion.

Artful Tailoring alterations in Chandler include, but are not limited to: hems for dresses, pants, jackets, restyling (for example tapering pant legs), taking in or letting out waist, bust, or shoulders.

Browse through our price list below to see what types of alterations we do and the typical price we charge for each. If you have any questions on alterations or something specific in mind please contact our Chandler location for more information.

*As alterations are highly individualized and tailored to your specific demands, please keep in mind the price list is a guideline. Prices may vary depending on the complexity or simplicity of work.



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Alterations Price List*

Pants alterations
Item Each
Pants hemmed $14.00
Pants hemmed with cuffs $16.00
Pants hemmed with lining $18.00
Jeans hemmed w/original hem   $20.00  
New zipper $15.00
New invisible zipper $16.00 (add $4 for lining)  
Fit new crotch $28.00 (add $5 for lining)  
Re-elastic waist   $16.00  
Take-in/Let-out waist   $22.00 (add $6 for lining)  
Take-in sides from waist down   $28.00  
Taper legs (below waistband)   $20.00-$28.00  
Add fabric to enlarge waistband   $28.00 
Fit new pockets  $25.00 - $30.00 
Reline pants  $85.00 (add cost of material) 
Patch Jeans  $5.00 - $15.00 
Skirt alterations
Item Each
Skirt hemmed $26.00
Skirt hemmed with pleats $24.00 - $32.00
Skirt hemmed with lining $26.00 (add $6 for lining)
Take-in waist only $28.00
Re-elastic waist $16.00
Add fabric to enlarge waistband $28.00
New zipper $15 (add $4 for lining)
New invisible zipper $16 (add $4 for lining)
Reline $45.00 (add cost of material)
Dress alterations
Item Each
Shorten or lengthen basic cotton $26.00 and up
Evening/Formal gown hem $45.00 and up
Taper sides $20.00/side (add $6/side for lining)
New zipper $26.00 (add $5 for lining)
New invisible zipper $28.00 (add $5 for lining)
Lift shoulders $14.00/side (add $6 for lining)
Adjust straps or darts $10.00/each (add $4 for lining)
Reline $60.00 - $80.00 (add cost of material)
Wedding gowns Please call or stop by for estimate
Shirt/Blouse Alterations
Item Each
Blouse or shirt hemmed $18.00
Sleeves shortened with cuffs $18.00
Turn collar $30.00
Turn cuffs $24.00
New zipper $15.00 - $20.00
Taper sides $18.00
Convert to short sleeves $16.00
Reline $55.00 (add cost of material)
Jacket Alterations
Item Each
Jacket sleeves shortened or lengthened $28.00 (add $4 for buttons)
Jacket seams in/out $48.00 -$58.00
Taper center back seam $30.00 (add $10 for lining)
New zipper sport jacket/vest $35.00 (add $6 for lining)
New zipper heavy duty sport jacket $50.00 (add $6 for lining)
New zipper ski jacket $40.00 + cost of zipper
New zipper jacket sleeve $30.00 each
Reline $75.00 - $100.00 + cost of material
Shoulder pads $12.00 - $22.00
Decorative patches/insignia $6.00
Leather Alterations
Item Each
Pants hemmed $30.00 add $10.00 for lining
Skirt hemmed $30.00 and up
Jacket hemmed $58.00 and up
Jacket shortened sleeves $35.00 - $45.00 (add $10 for buttons)
New jacket zipper $35.00 - $55.00
Pants replace zipper $25.00 and up
Small repair on leather $10.00
Thick leather like Harley Davidson $10 extra  

*These alterations prices should be considered as guidelines since some prices may vary. Zipper prices do not include cost of zippers. We do most other types of alterations, as well.